Eddie Kingston Responds To Criticism From Disco Inferno & Others


Eddie Kingston recently responded to criticism from Disco Inferno online.

Eddie Kingston recently responded to comments made by Disco Inferno and others on an episode of Konnan’s “Keepin’ it 100” podcast. The hosts and guests of the show were critical of Kingston for perceived similarities between his angle with his new stable on Dynamite and Bret Hart‘s Hart Foundation angle in 1997.

During the conversation, it was brought up that Kingston winked at the camera while hugging his stablemates, much like Bret Hart did when he helped Owen Hart and British Bulldog reconcile after weeks of teasing that they would break up in 1997. Evidently, some on the Keepin it 100 podcast felt this was akin to stealing from the angle.

“He was quite clearly a ripoff of Bret forming the Hart Foundation in 1997 even to the hug and the wink at the camera. He stole the entire thing,” said a guest named Billy on the show.

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Former WCW commentator Mark Madden offered up his opinions as well.

“There was a reason he was on the indies for so long. There’s a reason he was barely on TV for so long, there’s a reason he never made it for so long,” Madden said about Kingston. “And none of the reasons are good reflecting on him.”

Konnan then chimed in.

“He can cut good promos cause he cut good promos with me in Impact,” Konnan said. “But what Billy is bringing up is true because I saw people on Twitter bringing up that thing about Bret Hart.”

Kingston then posted comments made by Cody about Disco Inferno in 2018 in response.

The critical comments about Kingston can be heard below: