Eddie Kingston Talks AEW Championship and Hardcore Division


The AEW star talks the AEW Championship and a potential Hardcore division

AEW star Eddie Kingston appeared on this week’s episode of AEW Unrestricted. The newly signed independent king discussed a number of topics during the podcast; including Santana & Ortiz, singles run aspirations and the concept of a Hardcore division in All Elite Wrestling.

Eddie Kingston on AEW Championship

“I want to be the World Champ” Eddie Kingston began on the podcast. “Here’s the thing, isn’t that the point? You’re in the sport to be the best right? You don’t hear UFC fighters saying, ‘oh yeah I just want to be on the prelims. Oh yeah, I just want to be on the main card.’ No, you want to be champion.”

Kingston elaborated further, saying “that’s what every pro wrestler should want to be, you know? The money is great [in AEW], that’s awesome. But being the World Champion? It’s much, much better. You could say I’m ‘working’ right now, but I’m shooting. I don’t care who it is. I don’t care if it’s Cody, Moxley, or MJF, I don’t care who’s champion.”

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Eddie Kingston would also discuss the concept of a Hardcore division in AEW. Kingston is a self confessed massive fan of the style, specifically ECW. “No, hardcore matches should be [saved for] when it’s serious” Kingston stated.

“I mean when you do something too much? It just takes away from it being special. It’s like if we have a cage match every Dynamite show. Sooner or later it’s like ‘okay, it’s just another one.’ The hardcore matches, the lights out matches and all that stuff? It should be saved.”

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Eddie Kingston