Mike Bennett Talks WWE Creative Meetings with Vince McMahon


The former WWE Superstar discusses creative meetings with Vince McMahon himself

Former WWE Superstar Mike Bennett recently appeared on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio. Formerly Mike Kanellis, Bennett would discuss a number of topics from his time with WWE. These topics would include creative meetings with Vince McMahon, appearing for NWA and his battle with addiction.

“I had many good conversations with Vince [McMahon]” Mike Bennett began on the show. “After we [Mike and Maria] had our first child? I remember going into Vince’s office and I just said to him, ‘look if this isn’t working out? If I’m not what you thought I was or whatever or you just don’t see anything? Release me.”

Mike Bennett on Vince McMahon

“I said ‘just let me go for a couple years and maybe I’ll come back and we’ll figure this out'” Bennett would continue. “And he straight up told me, he said, ‘I’ve seen your work I think you’re good. We just have to find the right storyline that fits. We just have to find the right place for you. I’ve got a million guys right now.'”

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Mike Bennett would then discuss his own personal views on the WWE Chairman. “One thing I respect about Vince? He was always brutally honest with me. He never sugar coated anything, I respected that. It was other people in that company that would sugarcoat things for me or just try to do things, but Vince? If I went to him directly? He always straight up told me what was going on.”

Vince McMahon Getting ‘distracted’

Bennett would finish by saying that his creative meetings with McMahon were beneficial, but that it was easy for McMahon to get distracted. “We did have those conversations and we had many opportunities where me and Maria went in there and we pitched stuff. Vince always seemed open to it, he was very respectful about everything.”

“Then they just didn’t materialise, and I know how that works. I know I’ll go in there and I’ll tell Vince one thing he might like it…but then Roman [Reigns] goes in there, Seth [Rollins] goes in there and Bray [Wyatt] goes in there right after me. And he [Vince] probably doesn’t remember it after that, which sucks. It sucks for a smaller guys, we’re trying to get our names up there, but it at the end of the day? It’s just how that company works.”

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