Jazz Officially Announces Her Retirement


Former WWE, ECW, & NWA star Jazz has retired.

A true legend of women’s wrestling and trailblazer in the industry has decided to officially retire from in-ring competition. Former ECW and WWE star Jazz spoke with Chris Van Vliet recently and confirmed that she considers her pro-wrestling career over.

“Honestly, I just had my last match this past Sunday. I am done in the ring,” Jazz said. “I was going to do a whole tour in 2020, but with the pandemic happening, that screwed everything up. I’ve been having issues with my knees and my back and a lot more issues physically, mentally and emotionally. That’s why I had to forfeit the NWA title. I have two beautiful daughters and I have to focus on them right now.”

Jazz burst onto the pro-wrestling seen in the late 1990s with Extreme Championship Wrestling. She would mainly perform in inter-gender matches as the promotion never did have an established women’s division.

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Jazz was honored by the Cauliflower Alley Club this year and awarded the club’s Women’s Wrestling Award. She is a 2x former WWE Women’s Champion and 1x NWA Women’s Champion.

The full interview with Jazz can be viewed in the player below: