Joey Ryan Files 3rd Lawsuit Against Canadian Accuser


Joey Ryan has filed a 3rd suit against a Canadian accuser.

It has been previously reported that Joey Ryan has launched two separate lawsuits against groups of people who publicly accused him of sexual misconduct. These allegations were made as part of the #SpeakingOut movement. Ryan subsequently was released from Impact Wrestling shortly after the allegations surfaced.

According to a report from PW Insider, Ryan has filed a 3rd lawsuit. This suit involves one accuser of Ryan’s that is based in Canada. The name of the accuser is being redacted to protect their identity.

This lawsuit features similar wording as to the previous two. Ryan is seeking to recoup losses that he has incurred as a result of damage to his public reputation. In addition to being fired from Impact Wrestling, the venue that hosted his Bar Wrestling also cut ties with him.

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Additionally, this suit specifically mentions Dolph Ziggler‘s brother Ryan Nemeth’s social media activity. His Tweets are alleged to have “encouraged violence to be committed on Plaintiff” according to documents filed.

“On information and belief, both [name redacted] Defamatory Statement and Nemeth’s response are available to view by any person interested or who happens upon [redacted]’s Twitter timeline. Also, no statement retracting [name redacted] Defamatory Statement or denouncing Nemeth’s statement has been made by [redacted.] In fact, more threats of violence upon Plaintiff in social networking sites have been made directly or indirectly to Plaintiff.”