Kevin Owens Discusses WWE Potentially Hosting Live Events During Coronavirus Pandemic


Kevin Owens has shared whether he'd feel comfortable joining WWE for live events if the promotion resumed touring despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Kevin Owens has shared his thoughts on WWE hosting live shows with fans during the coronavirus pandemic. Owens previously took a hiatus from WWE due to coronavirus concerns. He explained how his previous honesty with WWE and Vince McMahon made him feel “comfortable” about the idea of touring.

“I think I would be comfortable [touring in front of fans again] because I’ve been very vocal and very honest with WWE management as far as the virus goes and the measures we’re taking to try and keep it safe and stuff like that,” Owens told Bleacher Report.

“When I wasn’t comfortable with the way things were, I voiced my concerns and they took it seriously and immediately tried to remedy the situation to make sure everyone felt comfortable, including myself. I feel good about how they try to handle everything.”

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Owens explained how if the decision to tour is made and fans are allowed to once again attend, he would have to “assess the situation.” He admitted if he didn’t feel comfortable about any aspect of it, he would seek out the right person to talk to.

Right now, however, Kevin Owens confessed he is happy with how WWE is handling everything. He believes WWE would take the same safety measures on the road with them if they resumed touring. If they did, he shared he would happily be there to perform.