Paige: “My Neck Feels Wonderful, Can You Let Me In Yet Coach?”


It appears that Paige is feeling pretty good these days and perhaps fans can see her back in the ring as a performer again. 

She took to her Twitter account on Friday to note that her neck feels wonderful before adding a teaser. 

Paige wrote, “Recycled pic. But.. Spent the last 2 years of my in ring career with this neck brace. 6 screws and 2 fusions later.. my neck feels wonderful. Can you let me in yet coach?”

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Paige has spinal stenosis, which has kept her from not being medically cleared by WWE doctors to wrestle again. Her in-ring career ended in late December 2017 after she took a bad bump on the back of her neck during a six-woman tag team match.

Just this past March, she stated that she thinks a return to in-ring competition is a possibility one day but knows it won’t be anytime soon. 

This interview came just a few months after Edge proved his doubters wrong when he returned to the ring. In the past, a history of major neck injuries resulted in careers being ended. 

Maybe that trend is changing. If you look at Daniel Bryan, he was able to rest on the sidelines for a few years after suffering several concussions and got cleared after he was told that he would never wrestle again.