Santos Escobar Keeps Cruiserweight Title At WWE NXT TakeOver 31


Santos Escobar is still on top of the cruiserweight division as he wasn’t dethroned by Isaiah Scott.

Escobar did so at Sunday’s (October 4, 2020) WWE NXT TakeOver 31 event in Orlando, Florida at the Capitol Wrestling Center when he pinned Scott 

The match featured both guys working a high paced style with various dives. Escobar hit the Phantom Driver for 2 while Scott hit three suplexes then a 450 splash off the top rope. The finish saw Escobar connect with a facebuster after Scott hit his head on the ring post for the win. 

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It turns out that before this match, Scott was the only person to pin Escobar in WWE as he scored a win in a group match during NXT‘s Cruiserweight Championship tournament. He also pinned him during a six-man tag street fight on NXT earlier this month.

WWE did give Scott a previous title match as he challenged for the title on the August 26 episode of NXT. However, the finish of that contest saw Escobar use a mask that was loaded with a weapon to headbutt Scott. 

Two weeks ago, WWE had Scott say in a video on NXt that he wasn’t content with just having two wins over Escobar. Thus, he wanted another crack at him but this time with no Legado del Fantasma or manipulated lucha masks as he believes he’s a better competitor.