Update On Possible Rock vs Roman Reigns Match At WrestleMania


Will The Rock face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania?

There have been rumors that Roman Reigns could possibly face the Rock at WrestleMania next year. According to a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, however, The Rock‘s Hollywood commitments may prevent it from happening.

The Rock is worth a lot of money in Hollywood and an injury during a wrestling match could potentially cause delays in shooting a major motion picture. After tearing his abdominal and abductor muscles at WrestleMania 29, there was concern that filming of the movie “Hercules” would have to be delayed.

“The issue has been insurance issues regarding other work he has coming up,” wrote Dave Meltzer. “It’s been an issue since the second Cena match. There have been at least three ideas, a singles with Lesnar, a singles match with HHH, and Rock & Rousey vs. HHH & Stephanie for him but none ever materialized.”

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The Rock has several projects in the works at the moment, including “Black Adam” and the series based on his youth, “Young Rock.”

Roman Reigns recently spoke about possibly facing The Rock on ESPN’s First Take.

“It would be amazing, Reigns said. “I think for any Superstar of my generation to have someone on his level, someone that has done so much not only in sports entertainment, but the movie industry, entertainment in general.

The man has what a billion followers online and stuff. To be able to put that type of spotlight on our current generation and what we do within our product in WWE would be amazing and just sharing the ring with him.”