Vickie Guerrero Talks AEW Being “Stress Free”


Nyla Rose's AEW manager talks her early time with the company

AEW on screen manager and former WWE star Vickie Guerrero recently appeared on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio. The former SmackDown General Manager discussed on the show how her early tenure has been with All Elite Wrestling.

“You know, I never thought I’d be getting back into a wrestling promotion” Vickie Guerrero began on the show. “To be part of the AEW family? [It] has been so much fun. It’s Stress Free, and I’m just loving that I’m able to be creative with my character.”

Vickie Guerrero on Nyla Rose

Guerrero currently works on AEW programming as the manager of Nyla Rose. Vickie Guerrero was announced as the former AEW Women’s Champion’s manager back in July. “To work with Nyla Rose has been a lot of fun” Guerrero stated. “She’s so creative and funny and has a great attitude.”

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“Everything is kind of, you know, growing together and we’re moulding and collaborating” Guerrero would continue. “So I’m really excited to see what these next few months are going to contain with Nyla Rose. I’m ready to start causing trouble again!”

Vickie Guerrero did praise her former employer WWE back in August. Speaking to Daily DDT, Guerrero stated “With WWE? I’m always grateful for the opportunity they gave to my late husband, Eddie Guerrero. Then for me too, to start my legacy, so to speak. I’m very grateful for what they gave me back then and just gave me the opportunity to further my career. I’ll always grateful for that.”

Vince McMahon was very good to Eddie and I” Vickie would continue. “Eddie thought of him as a dad. He was very good to me and took great care of me when Eddie passed away. I think my focus with WWE was to do the best I could for him. I did that and we left on very good terms.”

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Vickie Guerrero (Photo: AEW)
Vickie Guerrero (Photo: AEW)