Vickie Guerrero Talks How Protective Eddie Was of Kayfabe


The AEW star talks Eddie Guerrero being protective of kayfabe when they first started dating

AEW on screen manager and former WWE star Vickie Guerrero recently appeared on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio. The former SmackDown General Manager discussed how her late husband Eddie Guerrero was extremely protective of ‘kayfabe’ when they first started dating.

“Wrestling heritage in Mexico and through the Hispanic community was taken very seriously” Vickie Guerrero began on the show. “You talk about kayfabe? They really protected the business in so many ways. And it wasn’t for three years when I was dating Eddie…he would not let me into any of the secrets or the psychology or anything about wrestling! Because he always told me ‘in due time, I will let you know what’s going on.'”

Vickie Guerrero on Eddie Bleeding In-Ring

Vickie Guerrero would then discuss how difficult it was seeing Eddie perform in brutal matches in Mexico before she was ‘smartened’ up the to the business. “I would see the wrestling happening, which was really big from 1986 to 1995. I mean, it was just, when I saw Ari Romero get his fork and make Eddie bleed? It was just like, I was a mess because here’s my boyfriend in the ring bleeding.”

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“And there’s diapers full of crap!” Vickie Guerrero would continue. “Fans were throwing them at the heels! I didn’t understand because the wrestling I saw in American TV? With Hulk Hogan and the Von Erichs? There was no diapers with crap being thrown into the ring. ‘So why is it okay here in Mexico but not in the States!?’ I was very green and I didn’t know a lot.”

Guerrero would finish by discussing the sense of family that was a hugely important part of the scene in Mexico. “I did know that going back into the locker room it’s such a deep rooted family history. There’s a love for the sport and everyone is just so appreciative of the sport that they they were involved in.”

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