Vince Russo Lambasts “Dance Routine” During G1 Climax Match


The outspoken pro wrestling personality discusses the G1 Climax

Former WWE/WCW/TNA writer and outspoken pro wrestling personality Vince Russo recently commented on New Japan’s G1 Climax tournament. This year’s G1 recently began and it sees two blocks of NJPW‘s top stars battle to determine next year’s Wrestle Kingdom main event.

Russo has made it clear in the past that there are elements of New Japan’s style that he is not a fan of. On this week’s episode of the 8 Days a Week podcast, Vince Russo would lambast NJPW performers once again.


“Someone put up this sequence from these two wrestlers, it must have been from the G1 in Japan” Vince Russo began on the podcast. “And like the person commented that ‘this is the most ridiculous [thing]’ and it was. It was like a minute of the most ridiculous dance routine that you never in a million years would believe could happen like in a wrestling match. I swear to God, bro.”

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Russo did not explicitly say which match the video highlighted; however a clip from the match between Will Ospreay and Shingo Takagi has been dividing fans on Twitter. Check it out for yourself below.

“If ‘people’ just saw that? And they never watched wrestling? They would literally say like ‘what is this!?'” Russo would continue. “That’s what they would say like ‘what is this!?!?’ You had two guys that totally rehearsed this whole thing. ‘You go, I go, you duck, I duck, you roll, I roll, bro.'”

Vince Russo would finish by suggesting that this style would not have a wide appeal. “I’m sitting there watching this and I’m like, how and why is this appealing to anybody? Like anyone, bro?”

Have you been watching the G1 Climax? Have you been enjoying the tournament so far? Let us know in the comments