Zack Ryder On How He Felt On Losing The IC Title The Night After WrestleMania


Zack Ryder thinks losing the title after only one night made the moment better

Zack Ryder finally got a WrestleMania moment after being with WWE for more than a decade when he won the Intercontinental Championship in a ladder match during the WrestleMania 32 event.

However, the former WWE star did not have a very long reign with the title and fans were not very happy with the fact that the company actually took the belt off him the next night on Raw in a match with the Miz.

Though while talking about his short reign during a recent session with Pro Wrestling Junkies, Ryder claimed that losing the title actually made the moment because it fitted his underdog character:

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“I think losing the next night made the moment, I wish I could have lost it that same night. Why have the title for two weeks or two months? Unless I’m going to go undefeated for two years or something, just take it off me. That’s just the Zack Ryder character – the underdog that finally gets it and then it gets taken away.”

Zack Ryder continued by saying that the loss made his win special because nobody thought that he was going to win in the first place and people resented the fact that he lost it so soon.

Apart from this, the former WWE star also talked about things like his recent AEW stint and he revealed that he has actually made a list of AEW stars he wants to face. You can check out his comments on the matter at this link.