Ali Says That WWE 205 Live Needed a Major Name To Work


The Retribution leader talks why 205 Live never got the help it needed to strive

WWE Superstar and leader of the Retribution group Ali recently appeared on After The Bell w/Corey Graves. The former 205 Live roster member discussed a number of topics on the podcast, including his time with the purple brand.

“Here’s the thing. I 100% appreciated my time on 205 Live” Ali began on the podcast. “I look at this past episode of Monday Night RAW. You had me, Cedric Alexander, Drew Gulak, Akira Tozawa, Lince Dorado and all these alumni from 205 taking a large portion of TV time. Buddy Murphy also has a major storyline on SmackDown.”

Ali on 205 Live

Ali would then state how the actual timing of 205 Live, going on after SmackDown previously, was a massive misstep by WWE. “Here’s the thing, going on after SmackDown? It was the equivalent to an opening band going on after Metallica. No one’s there to see them.”

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The Retribution leader would then discuss how 205 Live should’ve been built around an already established Superstar. “If you gave us Rey Mysterio? You could put 205 Live on his back. He can create this brand because there’s immediate interest in Rey, therefore there’s interest in the show. And now you put Buddy Murphy against Rey? Now you’re building Buddy. Then once buddy is established? You put me in. Like, there’s a process [you usually follow].”

Do you agree with Ali? Do you think that 205 Live could’ve used a more established star such as Rey Mysterio? Let us know in the comments

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