D-Von Dudley Dealing With Health Issues


The attitude era star is dealing with some undisclosed health issues

One half of the celebrated tag team The Dudley Boyz and current WWE producer D-Von Dudley is dealing with some health issues, the retired star has revealed.

The former wrestler talked about his health on the latest episode of his Table Talk podcast. He confirmed that he has had some issues but the former champion claimed that he is ‘hanging in there’:

“Hanging in there, I’ve had some health issues but I’m hanging in there. I miss you guys. Hopefully, I’ll be back soon.” said Dudley, “I gotta see what the doctors say but, it’s been a little rough, but I’ve been hanging in there, doing what I can.”

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In an update, Pwinsider revealed that the WWE producer has been absent from the TV tapings in the last several weeks as well.

The 48 year old star is a wrestling veteran who has competed for many promotions and has had long stints with both WWE and TNA.

D-Von Dudley is one half of the iconic Attitude Era tag team The Dudley Boyz which is considered to be one of the most successful and recognizable teams in the history of professional wrestling.

There aren’t many details available regarding the issues he is dealing with. So it’s hard to say how long it will take the former champion to recover but we’ll keep you posted on his status.