Eddie Kingston On Why He Has To Believe ‘No One Is Better’ Than Him


All Elite Wrestling's Eddie Kingston has shared how "no one is better" than he is on the mic and in the ring.

All Elite Wrestling’s Eddie Kingston believes that no one in the promotion is better than he is. Speaking with Busted Open Radio, Kingston shared his opinion on the matter. He explained that to survive in pro wrestling, it’s an ego-centric opinion he has to fully invest in.

“It feels good, but the ego in me goes, ‘Yeah, I know I’ve been the best’. When people hear that, they think I’m an egomaniac,” Kingston said. “You need a little bit of an ego to be in this business. I’m not going to sit here and tell you Jon [Moxley], Kenny [Omega], Hangman [Adam Page] are better than me. No one is better than me – that’s the attitude I have to have. If I’m going to survive and survive as long as I have in wrestling, I have to believe I’m the best.”

Kingston stressed how he has to believe he is the best promo guy and best in-ring worker. He explained how the day he wakes up and doesn’t think he can beat someone up is the “day I don’t get up.”

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It’s an attitude and approach he attributes to his father. Kingston shared how “Every man bleeds, every man can get beat up. So if I wake up one day and I say to myself, ‘Well I can’t kick nobody’s a–‘, then I’m just not going to get up on my bed.”

Eddie Kingston recently lost an ‘I Quit’ matchup to Jon Moxley. The two competed at AEW’s recent Full Gear pay-per-view.