Injury Update On Matt Jackson


Matt Jackson will head into Saturday's Full Gear injured.

The Young Bucks will face FTR Saturday night at Full Gear in a match that many fans have been waiting years for. Unfortunately, it appears that Matt Jackson is still suffering the ill-effects of a hardcore match he took part in earlier this year. According to a report from the Wrestling Observer, he’ll be going into Full Gear injured.

Matt is said to be dealing with a partially torn MCL and a slight ACL tear. The injury apparently dates back to a falls count anywhere match between the Young Bucks and the Butcher and the Blade on July 16th, 2020.

It was also noted that Jackson’s real injury is the reason why he’s been selling a storyline injury as of late. FTR attacked his leg on a recent episode of Dynamite.

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Also concerning the match between the Young Bucks and FTR, Tully Blanchard has been banned from ringside. In an AEW social exclusive video, Blanchard spoke about the company’s decision to ban him from the match.

AEW even though it is a league with a constitution and bylaws, this is extremely and excessively punitive. It’s arbitrary, capricious, and it is an imposition on discipline because other managers that have interfered and caused this, they haven’t been kicked out, they haven’t been banned from the arena.”