James Storm Clarifies His Impact Wrestling Status


James Storm gave an update

James Storm made his return to Impact Wrestling as a surprise entrant in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet Battle Royal at the Bound For Glory pay-per-view event. 

Just because he made an appearance at the show doesn’t mean he’s back in the promotion full-time.

The former TNA World Heavyweight Champion recently responded to fans on Twitter to clarify that he is not fully back with the promotion. Instead, he felt that he just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to come in to help out.

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For those who may not know, the “one more” Storm is referring to is this Saturday at Impact Turning Point special. This is where he’ll team up with Chris Sabin to take on XXXL (Larry D and Acey Romero).

In addition to working for Impact, he’s still working shows for the NWA via UWN Primetime Live. This past Tuesday on the show he teamed up with Eli Drake in an NWA Tag Team Title bout against Aron Stevens and JR Kratos.

A few months ago, Storm made headlines by revealing that WWE was planning to bring him in and work on the main roster. However, the COVID-19 pandemic nixed those plans. 

James Storm On What WWE Was Planning For Him On His Signing