Keith Lee Reflects On Transitioning From NXT To Raw


Raw Superstar Keith Lee has reflected on transitioning from NXT to Raw, his experiences on the red brand so far, and his future goals.

Raw Superstar Keith Lee has opened up about his debut on WWE‘s red brand and what he thinks about his experiences on the main roster to date.

Reflecting on his move from NXT to Raw in an interview with, Lee shared how the transition was “astronomical” for him. Lee immediately made an impact on Raw by “stepping into Randy Orton‘s space.”

“I don’t know many people that have done that. It was a very large transition, especially those first few weeks of fighting him and trying to work to a pay-per-view, and the triple threat for a number one contenders thing with the world title – it was a lot, to say the least. A big transition.”

Differences Between NXT And Raw

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When it comes to the differences between Raw and NXT, Lee pointed to the new Superstars he gets to interact and work with. He admitted how he was “fortunate” to already have several friends on the Raw roster. This made his transition to Monday night’s an easier process overall:

“[…] the biggest difference is just getting to know people that I’ve either never wrestled or never met, and just getting used to how things are and the way things work at RAW… At the end of the day, I was actually very fortunate because I had several friends on RAW, so I wasn’t unsure or uncomfortable. I’m a fairly confident guy anyway, so when it comes to the transition, it felt very natural.”

Keith Lee’s Raw Experience

Regarding his experiences as a Raw Superstar to date, Lee was quick to point at the talent he’s been able to work.

He shared how he’s “grateful” to have shared the ring with Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre, and Seth Rollins. He believes their matches have allowed him to “test” himself.

Lee believes he’s held his own against WWE‘s top Superstars before setting forth his future goals. According to him, he wants to get through Survivor Series and then face off against Braun Strowman. Once that’s done, he intends to move back into the WWE Championship picture.

Keith Lee is a member of Team Raw’s Survivor Series team. He joins AJ Styles, Sheamus, and Braun Strowman. They are set to compete against Team SmackDown at Survivor Series on November 22nd.