Paul Heyman & Kevin Owens Have Intense Segment On Talking Smack (Video)


Fans have talking about this segment

There was an entertaining segment during Saturday’s episode of WWE Talking Smack between Paul Heyman and Kevin Owens.

It all started when Heyman shared the respect that he has for Owens and he understands how dangerous Owens is. He brought up being a fan of Owens’ before he got to WWE and even after he joined the company. 

Heyman stated that while Owens is the #1 contender to the Universal Title, he sees that Owens is at a crossroads in his career. However, Heyman thinks that if Owens wants to get to the main event level then he would need to go through Roman Reigns.

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Owens responded by talking about how Heyman only works for himself and declared himself as being the person to take the Universal Title from Reigns. 

Heyman ended the segment before Owens walked off by stating that he has to shake his hand so he doesn’t get smacked as he’s carrying a message. He made Owens know that this wasn’t just business, but he also has to do it on a personal level as well. 

With WWE delaying a match between Reigns and Daniel Bryan for the Universal Title, there’s speculation that WWE could book Owens vs. Reigns in a top match at the TLC pay-per-view event next month. That is not confirmed just yet. 

Below, you can watch Paul Heyman and Kevin Owens‘ discussion from Talking Smack: