Stalker Arrested At Paige’s Home On Sunday


Paige has revealed she and her boyfriend suffered a terrifying stalker incident on November 8th.

Paige has revealed that she and her boyfriend Ronnie Radke experienced a stalker incident on November 8th.

Retweeting Radke’s break down of the incident, Paige described the experience as the “scariest thing ever.” She explained how the stalker had told them that “symbols led him to us.” Paige also expressed her gratitude that her boyfriend was able to secure the person in a hold until the police could arrive.

Paige’s boyfriend had previously taken to Twitter to share his thoughts on what happened. He lobbied a clear warning to anyone thinking they could get away with something like this. He also shared photos of the police apprehending the stalker and accompanied them with the following caption:

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“a stalker had the audacity to come to my door, got his ass handed to him until police arrived and saved the day. I will f*****g kill you. Please don’t make me kill you.”

Paige recently opened up about the physical abuse issues she suffered with her ex-fiance. The two were engaged in 2016 but ultimately split up in 2017.

She is also embroiled in an issue with WWE regarding her Twitch stream. WWE‘s recent policy sees the company assume ownership of Twitch accounts operated by members of its roster. It’s not something Paige is very happy about, as she has stated she “cannot deal” with WWE anymore.