“I Promise You That’s Not The Last Time We’re Going To See The Undertaker” – Ryback


The Big Guy talks the Survivor Series farewell of The Undertaker

Former WWE Superstar Ryback recently commented on the Final Farewell of The Undertaker. This past Sunday was the 30th anniversary of The Deadman, who of course made his WWE debut at Survivor Series 1990.

‘Taker took his final bow in the company in the ’empty’ ThunderDone arena. Whilst fans were visible on the screens around the ring they were of course not in Anway Center to celebrate the career of the iconic Deadman.

Although WWE and Undertaker himself have claimed that this was the final appearance? Ryback believes that we will see ‘Taker again, when fans are allowed back into arenas safely.

Ryback on The Undertaker Farewell

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“Vince [McMahon] is a great businessman, regardless of my personal feelings on certain things” Ryback began on the Shooting Blanks podcast. “So what they’re doing? I promise you this…that’s not the last time we’re going to see the Undertaker.”

“That was a way to capitalise on the 30th anniversary” Ryback continued, discussing the Survivor Series 2020 ‘Final Farewell.’ “The moment there are people back [in arenas]? There will be another farewell. There’s no way you’re not going to get that, when an opportunity comes up. Even if they don’t market it as a farewell? It’s the Undertaker appearance, it will be another farewell.”

Ryback would finish by praising WWE for the ‘smart’ business decision of capitalizing on the 30th anniversary of Undertaker’s debut. “I think it was a smart business move capitalising on that, you’d be silly not to now. Did they have to say it’s the farewell? Was that necessarily? Maybe not. You could have just been celebrating 30 years, but I think it [the finality] gives it that that extra special feel. But it’s like…retiring and wrestling? It’s the least respected retirement in all of sports!”

Do you agree with Ryback? Do you think that we will see The Undertaker again when there are crowds in arenas? Let us know in the comments