The Undertaker Not Interested In More Cinematic Matches For WWE


The Undertaker has opened up about participating in cinematic matchups, revealing how the idea "doesn't appeal" to him.

Despite receiving positive feedback to his cinematic Boneyard Match against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36, The Undertaker has revealed he has some problems with cinematic matches.

“It really doesn’t appeal to me because basically what it is, is working around my limitations,” The Undertaker informed NYPost. “It’s capitalizing on some of my ability and some of my creative ability to tell a story but basically it’s trying to mask some of the lack of my physical abilities at this point.” 

He explained how he came to the realization that he had “taken every physical gift, tool that I have and have used it up.”

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Undertaker then used water and a sponge as an analogy for how he currently feels. He shared how he had “rung everything I could get out of that sponge.”

When asked if he’s still training, The Undertaker shared that he continues to do so. However, he stressed that he’s not training in preparation for a matchup. Instead, he’s training and working out in an effort to stay healthy. 

This month’s Survivor Series pay-per-view is also being used as a ‘Final Farewell’ event for “The Dead Man.”

Originally making his WWE debut at Survivor Series 1990, WWE has recently been promoting a ’30 Year Anniversary’ for The Undertaker alongside its ’30 Days of the Deadman’ specials on the WWE Network.

WWE Survivor Series takes place Sunday, November 22nd from the Thunderdome in Orlando, FL.