Trent Seven Talks RAW, SmackDown and Wanting WrestleMania Match


The British Strong Style member talks working for WWE

NXT UK and former PROGRESS, Fight Club:PRO Superstar Trent Seven recently appeared on the Gorilla Position podcast. The WWE Superstar discussed a number of topics during his time on the show; including his Moustache Mountain partner Tyler Bate, the BT Sport studio and possibly moving to RAW or SmackDown.

Trent Seven on WWE & WrestleMania

“I suppose I can try and spin as many plates as I can” Trent Seven began on the show, after being asked if he wants to appear on RAW and SmackDown and represent the British style of wrestling.

“Also by focusing on making sure British wrestling is represented at the highest level” Seven would continue. “That may mean going to NXT in America, that may mean going to SmackDown, it may mean going to RAW. Obviously those kind of opportunities you can’t turn down.”

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Trent Seven would then describe how the opportunity to appear at WrestleMania is one of his major goals in WWE. “I feel like if you’re a professional wrestler, especially within the WWE? If your goal is not to be on a WrestleMania card at some point in your career? I find it hard to relate to anyone who wouldn’t want that. Very rarely do I meet those people.”

British Wrestling Legends

Seven would finish by saying how he wants to be remembered as a legend of the British wrestling scene. “The one thing that I always keep in mind is now look back, 20-30 years ago? We look back at the people, the incredible names that have come from British wrestling. Davey Boy Smith, William Regal, Rollerball Rocco, Johnny Saint etc, the list goes on and on and on.”

“The thing that really is motivating to me at the moment? That in 20-30 years time from now, who are the British legends going to be?” Seven would continue. “Now I need them to be me. I want them to be Tyler Bate and I want them to be Pete Dunne. Obviously there’s a plethora of other guys, but I’m focusing on myself at the moment.”

“At the minute there’s no Moustache Mountain (Seven’s tag team with Tyler Bate) right now, and no British Strong Style (Seven’s stable with Bate and Pete Dunne). That’s something that’s been a major driving force for me [being remembered as a British legend].”

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