Vince McMahon Once Considered To Donate Hospital Wing Because Of WWE Angle


Here's a story about Vince McMahon

Stories about Vince McMahon have been told for years and the latest one comes from a former WWE writer. 

Jon Rineman told a story during participation in a Reddit AMA. It started when he was asked for any light-hearted stories he may have of the WWE Chairman. 

The story is about how McMahon wanted to donate a hospital wing as repayment for a storyline angle that would’ve cost some big money. 

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“As far as a crazy Vince story: we had an idea where someone was going to attack somebody in a hospital. And then I had an idea for it that Vince liked, then Heyman had a bunch of ideas Vince liked. So, Vince thinks about it and says: “We’re really gonna f**k up this hospital. How much would it cost to rebuild?” He stops, thinks a second, then says, matter-of-factly, “Hmm. I might have to donate a wing to a hospital. How much does that cost?” So, our writer’s assistant started looking up how much it cost to donate a wing to a hospital.

The angle was nixed later on in a meeting due to another idea that came up. 

“Which one is the one without buying the hospital wing? Do that one.” Then he stopped and said, “I should donate a wing somewhere though…” and it got quiet while he thought. Then he took out his pencil and I saw him write “Hospital.”

Some of the more famous stories about McMahon come from the likes of Jim Cornette, Bruce Prichard, Jim Ross, and Bret Hart

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