Wrestling Trademarks: Human Suplex Machine, John Morrison’s Slamtown & More


A search of the United States Patent & Trademark Office database reveals several new wrestling-related trademarks filed this week.

Here are some of the latest trademark filings from earlier this week:

  • AEW starĀ Red Velvet (Stephanie Cardona) filed to trademark her ring name on 11/22.
  • Taz (Peter Senerchia) filed for his moniker, The Human Suplex Machine on 11/22. The news of the HSM trademark comes just days after Taz’s son, Tyler Senerchia, trademarked the name “Hook” and appeared on this week’s AEW Dynamite using that name.
  • John Morrison (John Hennigan) filed to trademark SLAMTOWN on 11/23. The primary use for the SLAMTOWN mark is for, “Providing sports information in the field of wrestling.”
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