Arn Anderson: WWE Wanted To ‘Pull The Trigger’ With Nexus But Never Did


The Enforcer talks the missed opportunity that was Nexus in WWE

AEW on-screen Coach and former WWE Agent Arn Anderson recently discussed the Nexus faction on his ARN podcast. This week’s episode is focused on the TLC 2010 event, which saw John Cena defeat Wade Barrett in the main event of the show.

At the time the Nexus were one of the top factions in the company, with Wade Barrett looking set to become WWE Champion. The crowning of Barrett would never happen, meaning that he would not become the fabled first-ever British WWE Champion. That honor would go to Drew McIntyre almost a decade later.

Arn Anderson would say that WWE were always looking to make Nexus/Barrett a massive part of the on-screen presentation; but this just never materialised due to a stop-start approach to booking.

Arn Anderson on PG Era

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“It was the era of Cena” Anderson would begin on the podcast. “Which meant we were pointing towards children, having a PG product. Which was a far stretch from the Attitude Era, obviously, you know about as far as you can get.”

“I felt like we were trying to go with the Nexus full bore” Anderson would continue. “But it was start and stop. They [WWE] wouldn’t just go ahead and pull the trigger. I think the number of guys that were filtered through a card? There was probably seven or eight of those guys and you would filter them through a card…they were well represented, but they [WWE] weren’t pushing them. They never really pushed some heat on them, and I think that was a big mistake.”

Do you agree with Arn Anderson? Do you think that WWE could’ve made a much bigger deal with the Nexus group? Let us know in the comments

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