Jim Cornette Slams Tony Khan For Not Signing CM Punk


Jim Cornette can’t understand why AEW President Tony Khan has not made a strong play to sign CM Punk.

CM Punk spoke to Renee Paquette last week on the Oral Sessions podcast. Punk discussed what would take to bring him back to wrestling. These elements would essentially boil down to: a lot of money and an intriguing storyline. Punk emphasized that it was less about the money and more about wanting an exciting storyline to be involved with.

Cornette asks how on earth AEW has not scooped up the former WWE Champion. He said Punk is at the perfect level of stardom: he hasn’t been buried on television and he’s not a dinosaur from 25 years ago.

Jim Cornette on CM Punk

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“It wasn’t a revelatory statement” Jim Cornette began on The Experience, discussing what CM Punk said on the podcast. “Nor a big shocking occurrence. He said he would basically, boiling it down, he would take a sh*tload of money and something new that he was interested in doing as well.”

Jim Cornette would then lambast AEW owner Tony Khan for not getting CM Punk under contract. “The son of a billionaire with a national cable television show just got in the wrestling business. He made a bunch of indie guys that never had it and never will as happy as school girls with shiny new vibrators. But he can’t get CM Punk!? He can’t make CM Punk happy!? Nobody can think of an idea that CM Punk would be interested in, that would intrigue him enough to get involved in this!?”


Cornette would finish by stating Punk’s credentials and why he believes he is the biggest free agent right now. “If there’s a fish out there that has the Goldilocks and the Three Bears combination; not too hot, not too cold, just right in-between? [as in] They’ve been on TV recently and not been beaten into powder or been portrayed in a negative light that we are now trying to take the guy and make him into a top star?

“Or is he the icon from 30 years ago that they bring back and make all the current guys look bad? Because even though the icon can’t get in the ring and can’t go anymore he’s still more over as a bigger star than the rest of their roster? CM Punk doesn’t fit any of them. He’s the right combination. He was a huge star in the biggest company in the world just several years ago, not 30.”

Do you agree with Jim Cornette? Do you think that CM Punk could make a huge impact in AEW? Let us know in the comments