Jim Ross Doubles Down on AEW Retirement Comments


Good Ol JR talks retiring with AEW

AEW commentator and WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross recently discussed his retirement plans on the Grilling Jr podcast. JR had made it clear recently that AEW will likely be his ‘last gig’ in professional wrestling.

Jim Ross doubled down on those comments on his podcast this week. “I got a lot of comments online about a remark where I mentioned that; as far as I’m concerned? At this point in my life? AEW is my last gig, and I met that.”

Jim Ross on Tony Khan

JR would then compare working for All Elite Wrestling to WWE, saying that not everything is solely based on the owner’s whim. “I love working for Tony Khan, he’s a whole different ballgame. People just don’t understand, that the culture of WWE? It is what it is. It is all Vince [McMahon] related and oriented. When you get on the Vince’s good list? It’s a wonderful thing. If you’re not? It’s not so great.”

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Tony Khan‘s about the same every time you see him” Jim Ross continued. “And he’s still a fan. He still loves the business, he loves talking about the business, telling stories and asking questions. He has an innate knowledge of things that went on before he was even born. So it’s really a fun experience.”

JR would finish by once again saying that this will indeed be his last job in pro wrestling. “I think at my age? I need to be realistic. As long as my work holds up to acceptable levels, hopefully better than that, but at least acceptable levels? I don’t see any reason to go anywhere else.”

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