Jim Ross Talks How WWE Writers Wanted To Bring In ‘Their’ Talent


Good Ole JR talks how the WWE writers tried to influence his recruitment

WWE Hall of Famer and current AEW commentator Jim Ross recently discussed the WWE Armageddon 2000 PPV on his Grilling JR podcast. As is usual, Ross and Conrad Thompson would go through topics from that time frame, although sometimes conversations may be broader.

Jim Ross was previously the Head of Talent Relations in WWE/then WWF. Ross had a hand in bringing in some of the biggest names in WWE history. Sometimes, WWE writers would have their vision of what/who they wanted to work with, or, what they perceived Vince McMahon wanted to see on his television programme.

Jim Ross on WWE Recruitment

“Bill Parcells said one time to Bob Kraft in New England that ‘if you expect me to cook the meals? You got to let me buy some groceries'” Jim Ross would begin on the show; using one of his many NFL and College Football analogies.

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“I think that’s kind of what their theory was” Ross continued, discussing the WWE writers who struggled to come up with storyline ideas for the likes of Jerry Lynn, someone Ross mentioned on the podcast. “‘We [the writers] need to have a say in who we bring in. [That’s] in terms of the size all that stuff, and what they are gonna do.'”

“Well this is not gonna shock you” JR continued. “They’re (the writers) gonna kiss Vince’s ass even more by bringing guys in that pass Vince’s ‘eye test.’ They may have a sh*t character? They might not be reliable? We’re not gonna get any [crowd] reaction from them but we know he’s (McMahon) gonna like the 6’3, 6’4 bodybuilder tattooed up with wet hair. It is same sh*t as nowadays.”

Do you agree with Jim Ross? Can you think of any wet hair look, six foot something WWE Superstars with tattoos…..? Let us know in the comments