Johnny Gargano Shares His Remaining NXT Goals


NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano has detailed what goals remain for him in WWE's black-and-gold brand.

Johnny Gargano recently made NXT history at NXT TakeOver: WarGames. His victory at the event saw him become the brand’s first-ever three-time NXT North American Champion.

Speaking with Sportskeeda, Gargano opened up about what other goals he still has in the black-and-gold brand. For him, the first thing he wants to accomplish is a “legitimate title run.”

“For me, being the underdog ‘Johnny Wrestling’ character, I was always more about the chase than the actual title and holding it and defending it,” Gargano explained. “So now I feel like that’s the one blemish on my legacy is not being able to hold the title, not being able to defend it, not being able to have a run with it. So, I feel like that is the number one goal on my mind right now.”

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Looking ahead, Gargano confessed how he also wants to help build NXT for future generations of Superstars. He noted how he wants to help propel other wrestlers to the next level as he helps to further establish the brand.

“[…] every single interview I do, I say that NXT is a viable third brand and I firmly believe that. I think the idea of ‘developmental’ needs to go aside because NXT‘s roster is filled with very talented people who have been doing this for a very long time and we all have one goal and that is to take NXT where it deserves to be.”

Gargano celebrated his NXT North American Championship win during last night’s episode of NXT. Celebrations, however, were cut short thanks to Damian Priest and a returning Karrion Kross.