Keith Lee Details Experience Of His First Month On The Main Roster


Keith Lee talks getting acclimated to the changes after his main roster call up

Keith Lee impressed everyone with his performance at last year’s Survivor Series PPV and then at Royal Rumble earlier this year, which resulted in him being called up to Raw in August after the SummerSlam PPV.

However, his transition from NXT to the main roster wasn’t as smooth as fans were hoping. The officials changed his theme song and ring gear for his debut which made many concerned about his future in the company.

During a recent interview with, the former NXT star talked about his main roster call-up and discussed how he acclimated to the changes in his first month on the Red Brand:

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“That first month was all over the place, I think that making it through that was enough for me to get an understanding of where I was and how I needed to approach things going forward.

I think that the first three weeks really kind of forced that acclimation, and if I had failed within those first three weeks, I was going to struggle going forward.” said Keith Lee, “But I think I’ve done quite fine.”

The former NXT Champion then discussed the change in his theme song and ring gear for his main roster debut. He said that it’s understandable why fans did not like the change and voiced their opinion against it.

Though he mentioned how the officials noticed the backlash from fans and asked Lee to come up with a new theme which he has since debuted on Raw.