Keith Lee Reveals The Origin Of His “Bask In My Glory” Catchphrase


Keith Lee reveals how his catchphrase was born during an interaction with Dusty Rhodes

Keith Lee has gotten the spotlight in the last couple of years and after grinding for more than one and half decade, the heavyweight star has finally started to get the recognition he deserves.

The latest WWE 24 documentary looks at the struggles the former NXT champion has had to endure to get to his current spot in the professional wrestling world.

A clip WWE posted of the documentary recently sees Lee talking about his time in NXT and he reveals how the late great Dusty Rhodes helped in the creation of his famous catchphrase:

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“When it was time to do our thing on the mic, I felt like I was a completely different individual, Dusty Rhodes came to me, and said, ‘Son, you got a presence I can literally bask in.’

And when he said that I have a presence that he can literally bask in, ‘Bask in my glory’ was born.” said Keith Lee, “Dusty let me know that, and I was proud.”

Keith Lee made his wrestling debut in 2005 and spent the next decade or so competing for various indie promotions such as Ring of Honor, Evolve and more.

His first WWE tryout was in 2008 and he had multiple tryouts with the company after that but the former NXT star was not signed by the promotion until 2018.