Riddle Believes He Could Completley “Redeem” Goldberg


WWE Superstar Riddle believes he's good enough to completely "redeem" former Universal Champion Goldberg.

WWE Superstar Riddle believes he could completely “redeem” former Universal Champion Goldberg.

Speaking with WWE on BT Sport, Riddle confessed he thinks the only way he could Goldberg into a ring with him is if “he just gets to murder me and I have to let him—like I have to let him do it because he couldn’t do it in real life.”

Riddle confessed he would love to have a “sweet match” against Goldberg. He admitted he thinks he’s good enough where he could “redeem him completely.”

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He added how he’s not saying he would have to win their match. Riddle highlighted how he’s “not that guy.”

“I’m all about the quality of the work. So, hey, if we could make quality work and you’d would be willing to listen to what I have to say, I’ll listen to what you have to say. I will. But I think it could be magical, and I think the fans would eat it up.”

Riddle continued, “And they would because, you know what? The guy really doesn’t like me, and you know what? I really don’t like his work, to be fair. From Universal Solider 3 and beyond, not a fan. But I get it: he’s got a presence, just like I have a presence.”

Riddle: “I’d Be Scared Too, Bro”

Despite his eagerness for a bout against Goldberg, Riddle remains unconvinced a match will ever happen. He noted how Goldberg “literally refused to acknowledge me on multiple occasions.”

Riddle then admitted he doesn’t blame Goldberg for his reluctance, joking how he would “be scared too, bro” about the idea Riddle may shoot on him.

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