Triple H Talks Cancelled Plans For Rhea Ripley After WrestleMania


Triple H admits that the plans have changed since he last talked about Rhea Ripley

Triple H had said after WrestleMania 36 that Rhea Ripley‘s loss to Charlotte Flair is part of a larger story they are trying to tell but as everything else this year, the coronavirus pandemic has forced these plans to be changed as well.

During his recent media call ahead of the Takeover: WarGames 2020 event, the WWE VP was asked about the plans for the former NXT women’s champion.

Replying to the question, Triple H confirmed that the plans have changed. However, in the wake of Ripley’s recent revelations about her struggles with mental health this year, the Game claimed that he still believes it’s a valuable lesson for the former NXT women’s champion:

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“Is it where it was going? No, and it won’t, the whole world changed, but I do still believe that that is a valuable — there’s a lot of valuable lessons for her to be able to go through to find herself to pick herself up.

The Rhea Ripley that I’m watching right now is a way better Rhea Ripley than it was in January-February of last year when she was on the high or even December of this time last year.” said Triple H “She’s a way better performer, way more mature, her understanding, all of it, and all of that came through that process. It is what it is.”

The WWE EVP also talked about the spotlight the women’s division has received in recent times and he said that female competitors of NXT have delivered every time they have been put in the spotlight position.

The NXT TakeOver: WarGames event will be taking place from the Performance Center on December 16 live on the WWE Network.