Matt Riddle Says Gillberg Is 10x The Man Goldberg Is


Matt Riddle posed with Gillberg after RAW last night.

Last night on WWE RAW, Gillberg made an appearance on John Morrison and the Miz’s “Dirt Sheet” interview segment. Since debuting as the character in 1998, Gillberg has been WWE’s satirical gimmick of Bill Goldberg.

Matt Riddle has publicly called out Goldberg on numerous occasions. After RAW last night, however, he posted a photo of him with Gillberg. According to Riddle’s comments, Gillberg is 10x the man that “Willy G” is.

Riddle’s MMA career was derailed due to multiple failed drug tests for cannabis. He recently reacted to the news that cannabis is no longer a prohibited substance in the UFC.

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Last month, Riddle stated that he could “redeem” Goldberg.

“I’m all about the quality of the work. So, hey, if we could make quality work and you’d would be willing to listen to what I have to say, I’ll listen to what you have to say. I will. But I think it could be magical, and I think the fans would eat it up.”

Riddle has been feuding with the Hurt Business as of late on RAW. He dropped a United States championship match to Bobby Lashley two weeks ago. The Hurt Business defeated Riddle and the Lucha House Party on last night’s show.

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