Now Is The Time For A Cody Rhodes-Arn Anderson Reunion

There’s a long tradition of managers in wrestling. Indeed, there’s no shortage of old school fans who are nostalgic for the days when people like Bobby Heenan, Sherri Martel, Slick, Mr. Fuji, and Jimmy Hart were a staple part of WWE’s presentation. In earlier eras, the likes of Freddie Blassie, Lou Albano, and Arnold Skaaland were a major part of the show. 

While Paul Heyman has carried the torch for managers who have a steady and important role, it has nonetheless felt as though managing is a lost art in pro wrestling and particularly WWE. That may well change, though, and the idea of Arn Anderson returning to WWE to rekindle his partnership with Cody Rhodes has a lot of appeal to it.

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Arn Anderson Is Done With AEW

On the most recent edition of his podcast, ARN, Arn Anderson discussed wrapping up with AEW. His contract ended May 31, and he indicated that he wants to focus on help his son Brock develop.

Where Arn will help Brock remains unclear. The youngster quietly parted ways with AEW in the fall. It’s not certain WWE would be interested in him, but if there were the potential to bring both men into the fold, it has the makings of a win-win-win scenario.

Cody Rhodes Has Stated He Wants “A Classic Wrestling Manager”

Cody Rhodes joined Busted Open Radio earlier this month and, in the context of discussing how Logan Paul’s entourage had outnumbered him, he brought up his interest in having “a classic wrestling manager to join me on this title reign.” While some early conjecture on social media speculated about Brandi Rhodes joining him on the road, that doesn’t necessarily fit the classic or old school feel The American Nightmare seems to be grasping for.

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Arn Anderson could fit that bill, as he fits a certain old school mold of men ranging from Bobby Heenan to Harley Race as in-ring performers who transitioned to managing champions. The Enforcer is many years past the point he can physically go in the ring, but his work in AEW demonstrated he can still be a potent contributor on the mic.

Cody Rhodes And Arn Anderson Have History

Arn Anderson’s most memorable on-screen efforts in AEW came when he backed up Cody Rhodes. While there’s a case to be made that neither man’s AEW run realized its full potential, they had their moments, including a noteworthy promo in which Double-A heatedly called on Rhodes to stand up for himself and show more fire.

Rhodes has already realized a great deal of his vision with his WWE return, thriving as a top babyface and “finishing the story” when he took the WWE Championship off Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40. Perhaps he could realize his full vision with Anderson as well, working in concert with each other. 

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Moreover, it’s easy to imagine Anderson revisiting something like his glock promo to light a fire under The American Nightmare in the dog days of his title reign, either between major feuds or after he’s suffered some major setback.

Arn Anderson Has Proven He Can Play The Victim To A Vicious Heel

Arn Anderson was part of the WWE team for quite some time after his in-ring career. The most memorable thing he did on-screen with the company, though, may well have been backing up Ric Flair against The Undertaker heading into WrestleMania 18.

The Dead Man targeted Anderson for a brutal, bloody assault to play mind games with The Nature Boy. Moreover, this sub-angle led to Anderson interjecting himself in the ‘Mania match to hit a spinebuster to a huge pop, before The Undertaker choked him out.

With Cody Rhodes seemingly destined to return to feuding with The Bloodline, there’s lots of potential for The Enforcer to revive that victim role as a guy old school fans are invested in and who knows wrestling psychology enough to sell well, even if he has severe limitations to what he can do in a wrestling ring. In particular, it’s easy to imagine a mixed callback of The Rock choosing to make Anderson bleed in the build to WrestleMania 41 to get at Rhodes in a new way before the two of them have their one-on-one showdown.

Cody Rhodes pairing up with Arn Anderson once again, and particularly under the creative direction of Triple H—who has demonstrated a respect for and analogous wrestling aesthetic to both—has all the potential in the world. If The Enforcer is interested, hopefully we’ll see this pairing happen on WWE television before long.

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