Update Regarding Daniel Garcia’s AEW Contract

Daniel Garcia is catching his stride as an AEW star, but will he be around for long?

Garcia is arguably one of the names to really flourish under the All Elite Wrestling banner as he’s been put in high-profile matches and embraced a unique side of his personality. He’s made a strong connection with the fanbase as an underdog babyface and that’s all been embraced as of recent.

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Garcia has been the big fulcrum in a budding feud between Will Ospreay and MJF. This very much culminated at AEW Beach Break 3 as Garcia competed against Ospreay for the AEW International Championship. Garcia went toe-to-toe with ‘The Billy Goat’, but came up short after MJF got involved in the match, offering Garcia his Dynamite diamond ring. Garcia declined the ring and Ospreay in turn got the pinfall victory.

Post-fight, Ospreay consoled a sobbing Garcia and then MJF at first did the same, until he kicked him below the belt and had a massive heel turn. MJF brutally beat down Garcia and bloodied him to a pulp to close out the show, but certainly the story of Daniel Garcia will carry on.

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What Is The Status Of Daniel Garcia’s AEW Contract?

According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, the current AEW deal with Daniel Garcia is set to expire in October, but those who know him don’t expect the Buffalo boy to be leaving.

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