Dax Harwood Comments On Four-Year Anniversary With AEW

Fan-favorite tag team FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) has officially been with All Elite Wrestling for four years. They debuted with the company during an AEW Dynamite episode on May 27, 2020

After a frustrating run with WWE, AEW presented new opportunities for Harwood and Wheeler. The decision to leave WWE proved to be the right one for their careers, as they’ve cemented their legacies under the ‘All Elite’ banner. Harwood took a moment this week to commemorate their anniversary with AEW. 

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Thanks to the haters

Dax expressed his gratitude and also let off a few ‘live rounds’ at former wrestling personalities who have been negative about the company they’ve helped build.

 “…Sometimes, online, I get a lot of flack for either defending AEW too often or being soft when it comes to criticism of the company. Mostly by ex-wrestling personalities, who now have an outlet to speak and use AEW for clicks & likes, which is completely ironic because they all hope for the very worst for the company that they monetize the most from.”

Although the AEW superstar didn’t name anyone specifically, he has recently had issues with former WCW President Eric Bischoff, and his negative comments could have been aimed at him. Regardless, Harwood took the time to thank AEW for being with them for four years and how much they meant to his career. 

“…Without this company, I doubt I’d still be in wrestling. All I ever wanted was to do something GOOD for pro wrestling. That was never going to happen without AEW,” wrote Harwood

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Since joining the company, FTR has won the AEW Tag Team Championships twice. They’ve also added the Ring of Honor, AAA, and IWGP tag team titles to their remarkable list of accomplishments. Harwood continued to reflect on what FTR has achieved thanks to AEW. 

“…I’ve become a 10(time) World Tag Team Champion. I’ve won numerous awards from internationally reputable organizations. Above all, I’ve made a living that takes care of my family(Yes, I know I say it all the time) incredibly well, all because of AEW,” Harwood posted.  

He also added that he defends the company and AEW President Tony Khan out of passion for his career. On potentially their last deal, FTR seems content with finishing their career in AEW and putting on excellent tag team matches. Harwood is already looking to enjoy the rest of his time with the company and be around to see AEW succeed 40 years from now.

For this moment, FTR can appreciate four great years with the company as they aim to show why they are one of the best tag teams in wrestling every week. 

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