Shawn Michaels Talks ‘Science’ Of UFC Ahead Of WWE NXT Battleground At Las Vegas Apex

WWE NXT hopes to hone the science of what makes a great Superstar when the gold brand teams up with UFC later this week. 

WWE NXT Battleground will take place at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada this weekend, the first WWE event ever held at the venue. The location marks a huge move for WWE after merging with UFC in September 2023 as TKO Group Holdings. 

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On a recent edition of The Arash Markazi Show, WWE Hall of Famer and NXT executive Shawn Michaels appeared to promote the upcoming event. Michaels highlighted the advancements at the UFC Apex which he hopes will benefit his roster. 

“The science that goes behind theirs and ours, and how all that has changed, is truly fascinating… Whatever it is you can do to enhance that, we’re always looking out for the latest and greatest.”

What’s to Come for WWE and UFC? 

While it’s guaranteed that WWE NXT Battleground will be at the UFC Apex, questions remain as to what the future will look like for both companies. While no WWE Superstars have stepped into the Octagon yet, AOP’s Rezar recently threw out the challenge to UFC heavyweights during the recent UFC 302 event. 

We are nine months into the merger of WWE and UFC but it appears the two sides have done little together so far. At the UFC 302 event, Dana White said that the two companies are very separate outside of WWE using some behind-the-scenes names from UFC. TKO recently merged the live event teams of both companies which has led to some lay-offs in WWE. 

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There is a lot that WWE’s third brand could learn from those at UFC. After all, White’s promotion has become the global leader in MMA, similar to how WWE has reached the top spot in professional wrestling. As to what lessons Shawn Michaels and those at WWE NXT learn this weekend, however, remain to be seen.