Afa Anoa’i On The Road To Recovery After Undergoing Successful Surgery

We have a positive update on WWE Hall of Famer Afa Anoa’i, who recently underwent surgery. 

WWE legend Afa, who belongs to the legendary Anoa’i wrestling family has been dealing with a major health crisis lately. Afa is one-half of the legendary Wild Samoans who suffered multiple fractures in his back after taking a fall. 

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He was hospitalized and eventually moved to a new medical facility where the 81-year-old had been undergoing treatment under a specialist. Fans were even more concerned when the injury was labeled to be severe. 

It was further reported that Afa was scheduled to undergo surgery on Friday, March 22 to fix his back, and a fresh update has emerged on his condition following that.

Latest update on Afa Anoa’i

The latest update from PW Insider suggests that Afa had “a successful surgery to repair the multiple fractures in his back.” However, the former one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champion is still required to undergo heart valve replacement surgery in the future. It is still not known when that procedure will take place.

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Afa Jr. also confirmed in a Facebook post that the veteran star had a successful surgery and he is on the road to recovery.

“I just spoke to my Father! [red heart emoji] Successful surgery! Now on to the road to recovery! Keep kicking out Dad! I love you!!!”, Afa Jr. wrote.

Afa Anoa’i’s health struggles 

It has already been a trying year for Afa and his family. The real-life Bloodline member had a bout with pneumonia and suffered a mild heart attack earlier this year. When he suffered a second heart attack his health worsened further.

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However, Afa remained undeterred while recuperating and was eventually released from the hospital in January.

As he continues to recover, we at SEScoops wish him good health and swift recovery.