Ridge Holland Is Not Actually Retired From WWE

Ridge Holland announced that he’s stepping away from in-ring competition on Tuesday’s NXT television, but this is only a storyline and there are no plans for the 35-year-old grappler to legitimately retire from active competition.

Holland has faced a great deal of online backlash from fans due to his habit of inadvertently injuring his opponents. Most notably, it was Holland who dropped Big E on his head, putting him out of action for several years with a less than likely chance he’ll ever return. The former Brawling Brute was also involved when Elton Prince of Pretty Deadly sustained an injury. 

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This is yet another instance of WWE turning a ‘real life’ situation and blurring the line between fact and fiction to fuel on-air angles. Fightful notes that Holland has been receptive to the angle, which is an encouraging sign, considering that Holland has let it be known that the public backlash he’s received has affected his mental health.

Ridge Holland Steps Aside

Holland delivered an emotional promo on Tuesday’s NXT and stunned the fans with his announcement. He said he’s been going through a lot lately and is concerned for the safety of not only his opponents, but himself. 

The segment ended with Holland leaving the ring and NXT Universe chanting “Thank you, Ridge.” 

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In an effort to convince fans that Holland’s situation is legitimate, WWE swiftly moved his ‘Superstar Bio’ to the ‘Alumni’ section of the company website. Fans on social media noticed the change immediately. From WWE’s viewpoint, they took the bait.

WWE is currently gearing up for NXT Stand & Deliver 2024, which takes place Saturday, April 6, just hours before WrestleMania XL Saturday from Philadelphia, PA.