Brooklyn Brawler On ‘Jobber’ Label: ‘Everyone’s A Jobber, You Do A Job For Your Boss’

Steve Lombardi isn’t outraged over being labeled a ‘jobber’ in wrestling as for him it signifies a lengthy career of having a job in the business. 

Lombardi is best known for his work as ‘The Brooklyn Brawler’ though also worked under characters such as Kim Chee and Abe ‘Knuckleball’ Schwartz. As the Brawler, Lombardi lost the vast majority of his matches, earning him the label of a jobber; somebody who is used to make more established talent look better. 

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On the Insight podcast, Lombardi discussed the term and why it doesn’t bother him to be known as a jobber.

“They used to say the word ‘jobber.’ I don’t care because my comeback used to be ‘Everybody’s a jobber.’ Your boss is your jobbee. I mean a job just means you have a job.”

Lombardi also discussed the other terms used for wrestlers such as himself as the industry aims to move away from the stigma surrounding ‘jobber.’

“They call it an enhancement talent… then they called it [an] architect. Then they called it ‘ring general.’ They even called me a ring general on The Rock’s show. ‘Rock, he’s a ring general, listen to everything he says.’ I’m not a ring general. I’m the most humble guy that you know because all I want to do is make everybody look great.”

While known for his work putting over other stars, Lombardi did score a handful of notable wins in his career including a SmackDown 2000 victory over Triple H (albeit due to interference.) His most recent WWE victory came at WWE TLC 2012 where he teamed with Alberto Del Rio and The Miz to defeat 3MB. 

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