Watch: What Happened With Cody Rhodes After King And Queen Of The Ring Went Off Air

Cody Rhodes had some choice words for Logan Paul after their Undisputed Title match at WWE King and Queen of The Ring PLE from the Jeddah Superdome in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The two competitors had an incredible match with the YouTube star once again showing off his athleticism. He delivered an impressive top rope frog splash on Rhodes through the Arabic announce desk which became a viral moment. In response, Cody hit the US Champion with a Vertebreaker.

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Paul didn’t hold back on the shenanigans either and Logan introduced the brass knuckles in the bout to try and win the match. He had Cody Rhodes almost beat after the referee was knocked down and Paul delivered a low blow.

Actor Ibrahim Al Hajjaj who was in attendance for the show, however, prevented the challenger from using the brass knuckles to get the victory. This distraction allowed Cody to get back his footing and he finally won the match using a series of Cross-Rhodes.

The show went off air with the Undisputed Champion celebrating his victory. After the cameras stopped rolling, Cody cut a short promo where he gave props to Logan Paul and thanked the fans:

“Incredible showing by United States Champion Logan Paul. Well, this is it for now, I cannot wait until I see you all again. God bless you guys, thank you all very much. Take care of each other, have a goodnight, I love you all,”

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What Happened At WWE King And Queen Of The Ring

The King and Queen of The Ring PPV saw some surprising winners coming out of the show aside from the expected results in the main event.

This included Gunther who defeated Randy Orton to win the King of The Ring tournament. Though the ending of the bout was not free of controversy.

Liv Morgan also surprised fans by defeating Becky Lynch for the Women’s World Championship after Dominik Mysterio made an appearance to ‘stop’ Morgan from taking Mami’s title.

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Becky Lynch was obviously not happy with how things turned out and The Man has demanded a rematch for the title on this Monday’s episode of Raw.

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