Gable Steveson Signs With NFL’s Buffalo Bills After WWE Release

Gable Steveson’s WWE release came as a surprise to many fans, as the company was expected to give him a major push. Now, he is pursuing a different career path.

According to Adam Schefter, Steveson is signing with the Buffalo Bills, as confirmed by his agent, Carter Chow. Steveson will now aim to join Bob Hayes as one of the few athletes to win both a Super Bowl ring and an Olympic gold medal.

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There had been previous reports of NFL interest in Steveson, and it appears the Bills have officially secured his services.

Gable Steveson is an Olympic gold medalist and one of the most dominant college wrestlers in NCAA history, but he has never played organized football.

Steveson’s crossover to football is particularly notable because he never played high school football. This move highlights a trend where NFL teams, similar to WWE’s Next In Line program for collegiate athletes, are recruiting players with little to no prior experience.

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Gable Steveson’s WWE Tenure

Many believed that Gable Steveson had a bright future in WWE. To support his development, WWE established a remote training facility for him while he completed his studies at the University of Minnesota. Despite being featured in significant WWE events like WrestleMania 38, fans did not connect with him as expected, often resisting the Olympian’s rapid push.

In 2022, Steveson underwent a heart ablation to treat Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome and took time off to recover before resuming training. As WWE’s first NIL signing, his struggle to succeed highlights the unique skills needed in professional wrestling. His match against Baron Corbin at NXT’s Great American Bash underscored these challenges, with the crowd’s “You’re Not Angle” chants, so fans were not eager to latch onto him.

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We’d like to wish Gable Steveson the best in his new career with the Buffalo Bills in the NFL. Ironically, he may be a part of games that directly compete with WWE RAW as part of Monday Night Football.