The Undertaker Reveals His Favorite Wrestling Gear

The Undertaker is one of the most unique characters in the history of pro wrestling. One of the things that made him stand out were the different ring gears he wore through the years as his character progressed.

The Dead Man recently talked about things such as his Hall of Fame speech, the boxing match of Tyson Fury & Oleksandr Usyk and more in a new Q&A on his Patreon page.

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The former World Champion also discussed his ring gears. When asked which was was his favorite gear of all time, Taker said that it was his post-American badass set up because it was most comfortable:

“My favorite gear was the singlet with the kind of leather-ish-looking pants. I guess it was the modified Undertaker that I came back after the American badass run where I kept the pants but went back… you know had the singlet, the MMA gloves. It was just the most comfortable to move around. I never really liked the tights but I say that and I see a lot of people what they wear and it’s like…a little decorum please, as far as ring gear. But the leather pants, the singlet, the duster, the hat, MMA gloves, that was probably my favourite.”

The Undertaker’s Python Pants

Taker later discussed some of the gears that he wasn’t a fan of. This included his python pants from Survivor Series 2000 match against Kurt Angle as well as the bat wings he wore for his match against Mankind in Madison Square Garden at Survivor Series ’96:

“I didn’t like the Python pants and I didn’t like the Undertaker pirate kind of look where I took the bat wings and I descended into the garden. That was so much cooler in my brain. The application wasn’t quite as cool as it was in my brain. In my brain, I was like ‘This is scary. This is gonna be so scary people are gonna freak out’ and then I just kind of looked like a jacked-up Gene Simmons.”

The Undertaker also revealed that he didn’t like changing his gloves, knee pads, and boots very regularly and told a story about Triple H making fun of his worn-out boots.

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