Vince McMahon Attempting To Push Janel Grant Lawsuit Into Arbitration

Vince McMahon has submitted a motion to compel arbitration in the lawsuit brought against him, WWE, and John Laurinaitis by Janel Grant. This is his latest move in the ongoing legal situation brought on by Grant’s earth-shattering allegations.

On January 25, Janel Grant initiated a lawsuit against Vince McMahon, WWE, and former executive John Laurinaitis, claiming sex trafficking, emotional abuse, and sexual assault. The lawsuit details Janel’s experiences of sexual, physical, mental, and emotional abuse.

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McMahon is now pushing to move the case to arbitration, per Wrestlenomics. He is aiming to handle the dispute over the nondisclosure agreement privately, rather than in a public courtroom.

The NDA that was the focal point of this situation, agreed upon by McMahon and Grant, includes an arbitration clause. Although Grant’s complaint argues that the NDA is not enforceable.

Vince McMahon resigned from WWE in response to those terrible allegations, although he had denied that they are true. Grant’s legal team has also stated that they are overwhelmed by the response from others who want to come forward about McMahon.

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Vince McMahon’s Defense

In his defense, McMahon claims that Grant’s allegations of sexual abuse and coercion are fictional and aimed at attracting publicity, contradicting her own previous statements.

McMahon asserts that he and Grant had a consensual relationship, denying any coercion or mistreatment. Grant’s January-filed complaint accuses McMahon and Laurinaitis of sex trafficking and details sexual assault. She claims that several of WWE’s top executives were aware of her relationship with McMahon.

In his motion, McMahon also refutes Grant’s assertion that she was grieving her parents when they met in 2019, noting that her father died in 2017 and her mother earlier. He references a 2017 lawsuit about the foreclosure on Grant’s parents’ home. McMahon mentions that Grant was living with her fiancé in the same condo complex during their relationship.

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Vince McMahon’s argument describes it as “nonsensical” that Grant would return to her fiancé, located four floors below, without any issues after the alleged acts. McMahon also notes that neither Grant’s fiancé, Brian Gonvalves—a lawyer and executive at TelevisaUnivision—nor anyone from the building, police, or Grant’s friends contacted him about the alleged abuse.

McMahon’s legal team insists the lawsuit should be paused while the matter proceeds to arbitration, pointing out that the NDA was signed by McMahon personally and on behalf of WWE, and argues that Laurinaitis and WWE should also be compelled to arbitration with Grant.

Latest on Laurinaitis’ Side of Things

John Laurinaitis has been implicated in the significant lawsuit against WWE and Vince McMahon. He is accused of facilitating the sexual abuse that Janel Grant experienced, although he presents a different version of events.

Laurinaitis has also released a statement concerning these allegations. While not denying any acts in Grant’s lawsuit, he did claim that he was a victim in the situation.

The former WWE executive waved his right to be served Grant’s lawsuit. Ronda Rousey has since spoken out about Johnny Ace, calling him a “dirt bag.”

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