WWE Speed on X: Results & Videos From The First 2 Matches

Two Superstars have taken one step closer to being crowned the first-ever WWE Speed Champion with the launch of the new venture on Twitter/X.

The very first match in the history of WWE Speed was fittingly between two of the promotion’s fastest Superstars: Ricochet and the LWO’s Dragon Lee. The match was understandably action-packed. With just three seconds left on the clock, Ricochet got the pin-fall victory after hitting the Recoil.

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WWE Speed: Ricochet vs. Dragon Lee

WWE Speed: Bronson Reed vs. Cedric Alexander

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The second-ever WWE Speed match saw a battle of styles as the colossal ‘Big’ Bronson Reed faced the athletic Cedric Alexander. Reed advanced to the next round of the tournament with 1:09 remaining on the clock. 

What is WWE Speed?

WWE Speed is a new limited social media series, with original matches premiering exclusively on X.  A tournament has been set up with Superstars competing in three-minute matches to advance. The winner will be awarded the prestigious and coveted WWE Speed Championship:

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WWE has dabbled in the world of social media-exclusive matches in the past. The company hosted two seasons of Mixed Match Challenge in 2018, won by Team Awe-ska (The Miz & Asuka) and The Fabulous Truth (Carmella and R-Truth.)

WWE Speed matches were first filmed at the December 15, 2023, episode of WWE SmackDown. While Corey Graves and Kevin Patrick recorded commentary at the time, only Graves could be heard during these matches as Patrick was released from WWE in January 2024

Due to the matches recorded in December, we can confirm that Axiom’s tag-team partner Nathan Frazer is also going to be a part of WWE Speed. 

The next WWE Speed match will take place next week and see The Judgment Day’s JD McDonagh take on WWE NXT’s Axiom.