Backstage Heat On CM Punk After Incident With Undertaker


Word going around the WWE locker room is that the reason CM Punk lost the World Heavyweight Title last night is because of heat on him stemming from an incident on the recent European tour, according to Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The story goes that there was in issue with how Punk was dressed, and The Undertaker tried to nicely tell Punk that he was the World Champion and was representing WWE overseas so he should dress better. Punk said something to the effect of “what about John Cena?”

This got back to WWE management and they took it as Punk thinking he was a bigger star than John Cena. Then the decision was made to take the belt off Punk at Hell in a Cell and put the match as the opener. There are a couple versions of the story going around, but which ever one is being told, the end result remains the same.

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The problems with Punk has been the talk of the SmackDown locker room for the past two days. There are some who are wondering why Undertaker was given the title considering his limited schedule and health problems with the feeling that it was too soon to take the title off Punk. Word is that WWE is planning on going with a Batista vs. Undertaker feud for the World Heavyweight Title.

UPDATE: Jim Ross has commented on this situation in his latest blog, writing, ‘Crazy email….CM Punk lost the World’s Title because of a “dress code” violation. Please, stop the pain.’

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