More On CM Punk's Attitude Getting Him Into Trouble


Earlier this week, we picked up on the story that CM Punk was booked to lose his World Heavyweight title at Hell in a Cell just weeks after winning it due to a backstage altercation with the Undertaker. Undertaker reportedly confronted Punk  on WWE‘s recent European tour about dressing sloppy and not carrying himself like a World champion on the road. Punk was said to be confrontational towards then Undertaker, explaining not all champions (he mentioned John Cena by name) dress the part at all times.

There’s now a another story going around regarding CM Punk‘s backstage demeanor.  According to, Punk caught heat with WWE officials for openly expressing the belief that he felt it was too soon for him to drop the World Championship.

While most believe the original story (Punk having an “attitude” when Undertaker confronted him about not dressing like a champion), both stories generally point to the same thing: Punk’s perceived attitude problem was a factor in him being dropping the World Heavyweight title so soon.

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Punk getting punished because of his perceived attitude has generated two different reactions from the locker room. Punk has a reputation as being “aloof” and rubbing many people the wrong way, so those people were naturally pleassed to see him get put in his place. There are also wrestlers that feel Punk’s actions weren’t bad enough to warrant taking the title off him, especially since the Undertaker’s is in rough physical shape and does not work most house shows.